Kevin, In a world gone crazy, how wonderful to encounter such a simple and direct expression of love, gratitude and respect.This is leadership at its very finest spoken from a strong, true and tried heart. Thanks Steve!!

By Ray, Loved, loved, loved this LOVE LIFE book! These stories by Steve Fugate are such a pleasure to read. They are happy, sad, inspirational, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable. His journey of perseverance and discovery is truly amazing. A great read for everyone with a heart.Five stars are not enough!

A great collection of memories By Ashley, A great collection of memories, stories, and people from the road. I've laughed and cried… and had some faith in America restored. Thanks Steve.

After the suicide death of my son, I began walking the America with the words "LOVE LIFE" over my head. I walked across eight times accumulating 43,000 miles in sixteen years. At first I was but running from my pain. The words Love Life over my head attracted some who were in dire straits emotionally, as was I. As I talked to such precious individuals, I began to realize my pain greatly subsided as I helped with their pain. My mantra became, "To mend the broken heart while it is yet beating." Through this approach, I began to truly Love and appreciate my gift of Life. Which is a very good thing, because, but six years after losing my only son, I lost my other child, my beautiful daughter. I would not have made it through the loss of both had I not learned to Love Life. In my book, LOVE LIFE Walk, I try with all my heart, to impress upon all that the realization of the beauty of Life comes with a commitment to Love our gift of Life through whatever is presented to us. I truly believe, if I can Love Life, most anyone can.

By Darlene, “I've been anxiously waiting to read this book. I'm up to page 29 and I have laughed and cried reading those few pages! I feel like I'm with Steve on his journey 💜”

By Jennie “There is no one like Steve Fugate, I was lucky enough to meet him at a speaking engagement on one of his walking tours a few years ago. After losing a close relative to suicide I was drawn to his story, but I kept following him on his trails because of his heartwarming outlook on life. Everyone has something to gain and learn from Steve's perspective on how to appreciate each moment you have here on earth. His book is comprised from many of his Facebook postings, so if you don't get enough of a fix after reading his book (slowly, savor every page) then just follow him on fb to uncover more of his tales, all of them always uplifting on how to Love (Your) Life!”

By Amazon use: What a book filled with stories of Loving Life and about a wise, lovable and goodhearted man, Steve Fugate. His book took us to this very special journey with him across the United States and thus got to meet people vicariously through Steve's eyes and heart. It is a book about the importance of using our most painful and darkest experiences to spread more light, hope and compassion for the world. Steve is an extraordinary man of faith and wisdom and through his book we all learn that we can survive the worst times of our lives through the depths of our faith and through the choice of loving every minute of our lives.

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By Anthony “A taste of the real American people....small town people who have hearts. Steve takes us on his journey across America...only we don't have to sleep out in the desert or in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere.....but we do meet the wonderful people he meets on this crazy journey he has been on walking around this beautiful country..i highly recommend you read this book if you want to feel good and love life....”

By Mindy “Need some joy in your life? More optimism? What a wonderful read! I have been following Steve on Facebook about two years now. Reading this book allows me to go on his journey with him. It inspires me to love people more. I have laughed, cried, cackled and ran across every emotion with his real life stories. Just be careful ... the pages of this book are addictive!!! I would pick up a copy for your companion so they don't feel ignored when you can't put this book down.

By Amazon user: I highly recommend this book to everyone and those who want to recover their spiritual strength and courage through spreading the message of love. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us, Steve. We are all better people for knowing you. 'Words cannot describe how deeply you will feel the words in this book. This man is truly an inspiration, in life, and on the pages before me. He has survived the greatest sorrow, we could ever know, as a parent, and instead of taking that sorrow and wallowing in his own grief, he has chosen to get out into the world and inspire others to Love Life. Not just live it, but truly LOVE it. Whenever I'm having a day, when I'd like to feel sorry for myself, I can now look to the pages of his book and be reminded of, not only the kindness of people, but that there is true beauty in this gift of life that we have all been given. You will LOVE this book!