Steve being by children in Canton, Ohio just after receiving an honorary key to the City of Canton.

"To mend the broken heart while it is yet beating" - Steve Fugate

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Most of us take life for granted. But what happens when we're forced to think hard about whether we want to live? Suicide and the impulse to attempt it are a great unacknowledged epidemic in public health today. It not only scars those who try it, but all those who care about them, often for life.

This is the story of Steve Fugate, a self-described ordinary guy who found himself thrust into the crucible of suicide at close hand and chose to express his grief and redemption in a most unusual way: walking nearly 22,000 miles across America while carrying a sign over his head saying, simply, “Love Life.”  - Steve Fugate, love life pioneer 

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It’s very easy to envy Steve Fugate. After all, he walks alone almost every day through remote roads, hills, deserts and mountains, putting his 67-year-old body at risk against the elements, exhaustion and attack while dragging a heavy cart and sleeping in a tent. He has very little money and can’t call his children, because they’re both dead.

It’s very easy to envy him because when you call him during his latest walk across America – he’s already done it seven times – he can’t sound any happier to be doing it. Fugate, known as the “Love Life guy” because of the sign he carries, is like a traveling muse to the heartbroken, helping others overcome extreme sadness the way he did.

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