"Nothing is more positive and powerful than Love. Love defeats all negatives in life.

Love defeats all fear. When fear is gone, Love may then flow freely". ~ Steve Fugate


"To mend the broken heart while it is yet beating." ~ Steve Fugate

I began walking the U.S. with the words "LOVE LIFE" over my head after the suicide death of my son. I walked across eight times accumulating over 43,000 miles in sixteen years. At first I was but running from my pain. The words Love Life over my head attracted some who were in dire straits emotionally, as was I. As I talked to such precious individuals, I began to realize my pain greatly subsided as I helped with their pain. My mantra became, "To mend the broken heart while it is yet beating." Through this approach, I began to truly Love and appreciate my gift of Life. Which is a very good thing, because, but six years after losing my only son, I lost my other child, my beautiful daughter. I would not have made it through the loss of both had I not learned to Love Life. In my book, LOVE LIFE Walk, I try with all my heart, to impress upon all that the realization of the beauty of Life comes with a commitment to Love our gift of Life through whatever is presented to us. I truly believe, if I can Love Life, most anyone can. 

I truly do Love Life, in fact, I am regularly referred to as the Love Life Guy. Though I’ve lost both my children, I adamantly Love Life and embrace my Life as a gift, no matter the circumstances. I use my severe tragedies as a tool for perspective, in hopes others might possibly be encouraged to Love their Life no matter their circumstances.